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4000 Kansas Ave NW

The 19-unit property was acquired by CASHC in 2008 in cooperation with the DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) using Housing Production Trust Funds (HPTF). The goal was a redevelopment of the property as affordable housing for the tenants residing in the building.


Further funding through the HPTF was approved in 2009 with the expectation that Level I renovations would be accomplished one wing at a time so that residents could stay on the property while work was performed. However, the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) determined in 2010 that the repairs needed on the property were too extensive for residents to safely remain on the property while construction was underway.


Relocating residents was more difficult than expected, with many residents preferring to obtain a buyout rather than to be relocated.  The building was not fully vacated until 2012. CASHC engaged Construction Management Group, LLC as a Development Consultant in 2013, which determined that the scope of work required to rehabilitate the building was more extensive than previously planned. However, early efforts to secure new financing were unsuccessful.

In 2014, Atelier Architects and other design professionals were engaged to produce new Level II plans and specifications for a substantial renovation. Construction planned included all new infrastructure, roof, windows, structural repairs, drywall,

flooring and cabinetry. In 2015 a competitive bidding process based on the new plans resulted in the selection of Monarc Construction as the General Contractor. Concurrently, lengthy efforts were initiated to secure increased financing given the substantial increase in construction costs.


Financing arrangements were concluded in 2016 with significant modification to the HPTF construction loan and new financing from City First Bank. After a lengthy process in securing the building permit (including costly new Stormwater Management requirements), the closing on the financing occurred in 2017 and construction was completed later that year. A Grand Opening celebration in August drew widespread accolades from many city officials, City First Bank and a crowd of interested community leaders.


Early in the lease-up process the Office on Aging actively pursued the apartments to house seniors with subsidized rents. The building was soon stabilized with Net Operating Income significantly higher than originally projected.  


This project is known as Thompson Place in memory of the late Mack Thompson, a well-respected activist, and resident of CHV.  It was completed in late 2017 and is now fully occupied as affordable housing.

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